How to Make Your Own MineCraft Hosting Service

The Basic needs to start

minecraft server hostingFirstly, consider about your computer’s capabilities. If you plan to use your computer, you must need to have a fast CPU and sufficient RAM to handle the number of people logging on to your server to play. Minecraft server hosting is especially useful if you plan to use the computer to play the game yourself as well as function as a server for other players. Your Internet connection speed need a very fast upload and download speed to allow players to connect with one another in real time. Configure your router to the server visible to players outside your immediate network. You must have to set up the router to forward port 25565 TCP to the Mine craft server.

Soft logical needs

It is important to have the most current version of Java on your system. Make sure you use the software that enables you to use your computer as a Mine craft server to let Java to run. Then create a folder for the server application program. Give the folder a meaningful name such as “Minecraft Server Hosting”. Then download the right mine craft server application program for your system from the internet. The file format you download depends on whether your computer runs Windows or other operating system

Way to make the system

Ready the application program for use; customize settings for the way you want to play mine craft. You can do this by accessing the Server. Make properties file, using either Notepad in Windows or Text Edit in other operating system. Once you have configured the settings the way you wish, save your changes.

Administrators and the users

Understand who can access the game. Then enable your registered players to have access to the server in order to play mine craft but you need to prevent other people. Determine who has administrator privileges. And they can have an issue to commands from chat mode while the game is running to add or block players or otherwise change the game. You’ll need to provide your public IP address for anyone outside your network to connect to your Minecraft server hosting.