The ultimate way to play the game with best of cheats is one popular online game that has grown in scale with every passing time. There are many online gaming portals coming up in the market, is successful in keeping up the expectation ever since its inception in the market. There are some amazing tips, tricks, mods, skins, cheats available that makes it easy for all gaming enthusiasts to enjoy one of the hottest as well as addictive games of the year. Online games are quite popular in the market and it is all due to its amazing features that pull all gamers in front of their desktop or laptop. emerged as one of the most addictive as well as simplest time wasting game over internet presently. There are several online portals or links available where you can learn more about playing tips, tricks that can help you go ahead with every level. The concept of this game is quite simple but it needs some unique skills and dedication to overcome every barrier. is a free browser based and simple online game that can be best enjoyed over chrome browser. The game was initially developed by a user on Steam. With time the game was successful in grabbing the attention of millions of players over internet.

agario2It is quite easy to play the game. Initially every user needs to open the browser and type in the web address. User needs to register with a selected username and password. On completing the registration any user will land in a grid or board of tiny colored blob and all set to start the game. The main objective of this game is to consume small pellets that are lying around to gain mass. It is important to avoid the larger blobs, those tends to absorb smaller ones. Make sure you avoid the larger blobs and that requires shear skill. There are many cheats available online that can help in making it easy for first time users.

With time when you start consuming the smaller pellets you gain in mass. The more you absorb smaller blobs the more quickly you grow large. The concept being same, eat as quickly as possible and avoid being eaten by the larger ones. This is one basic concept based on which gaming enthusiasts can play this unique online game that is popular around the world. The gaming controls are very simple and it can be played using mouse or track pad, Spacebar and “W” key. The mouse helps in navigating the blob through the grid and the Spacebar helps in allowing the user to split every cell in half. With the help of “W” key any user can eject mass in order to feed other players. It also helps you drop some weight to get out from the tough spot. The smaller the blob the faster it moves making it easy for users to move around the grid. Such trips and ticks are proven effective and helpful in completing every level at ease.